Latest Google Adwords Update: The Controversy of Potential Daily Budget Overspend by 200%

  • Author Kaspars Brencans,

On October 4th, Google Tweeted this… Google AdWords has always been a tricky machine, and even seasoned PPC veterans tend to run into questions about platform’s functionality. In today’s PPC world, Google is looking to automate as many processes as possible, and one of the latest victims they have targeted is the daily budget. As  Read more

Shopify SEO Getting Started Guide

  • Author Seth Tucker,

Congratulations on starting your eCommerce store on Shopify! If you’ve already been running your eCommerce business and just switched over to Shopify, that’s still something to be proud of. Shopify is a fantastic platform, and their technology is only getting better. As we move into the future, you’re likely to see Shopify become an entire  Read more

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Markup?

  • Author Seth Tucker,

First off, what exactly is To put it simply, it’s a collaboration between all three major search engines to find ways for better understanding what a website is about. Specifically, certain pages on large websites that can easily have perceived overlapping topics to a computer. After all, a computer is just a machine and  Read more

How to Optimize Google Shopping Feeds & Campaigns from Shopify

  • Author Seth Tucker,

How to Add YotPo Aggregate Review Ratings to Products in Shopify

  • Author Seth Tucker,

  Yotpo aggregate review ratings – what are they? When people purchase a product from your store on Shopify, a service called Yotpo let’s buyers leave authentic reviews about your product on your site. New visitors can view the reviews, and it adds a lot of credibility to your site when you have the ratings and  Read more