Google Analytics consulting is a very specialized type of service. Finding experts in PPC can be very tough, but also finding experts with lots of experience using Google Analytics can be even harder. Very few people understand the more in-depth features of Google Analytics or how they are setup and configured.

Did You Know:

The difference between Google Analytics Premium and Free is the amount of data analysis tools you get. Many people have no idea that all of the main features between the premium and free version of Google Analytics are the same, but what makes them different is that the premium platform has much larger data processors which allow you to look more in-depth at the data. It is rare that small businesses need to implement this.

Check out these commonly overlooked features you can leverage to understand your website traffic better

Event Tracking
Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking
3rd Party PPC Cost Data
Goal Tracking
Track when people download items on your site, submit forms, or perform other actions like playing videos. Learn more about the types of products people are purchasing, brands, and other intricate detail that can help you better manage ROI for large amounts of products on a website. If you are doing PPC advertising on platforms like Facebook, you can synchronize your cost data into Google Analytics, to get an accurate ROI in one central dashboard. Goal tracking can be used for many different purposes, including measuring engagement with website content. Are you maximizing your website content? Setup a goal and find out!